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GNOME 3.14 QA Testing and Integration


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      As per FL-1625 I have added the GNOME 3.14 ebuilds to funtoo-gnome-overlay and masked them for testing. I have also applied my patchset which primarily:

      1. Reintegrates Power Management Utilities (pm-utils) Support
      2. Triggers the display of suspend and hibernate buttons when hodling ALT while in the system menu (top-right corner)
      3. Locks the screen when resuming from suspend if the GNOME Display Manager (GDM) is used
      4. Disables suspend/hibernate settings in GNOME Control Center (Power) if pm-utils is installed but not supported

      But also provides the following tweaks to enhance the Funtoo GNOME experience:

      1. Restores Adwaita backgrounds from GNOME 3.10
      2. Reintegrates background transparency for GNOME Terminal
      3. Disables datetime changes through the GNOME Control Center (Date & Time)
      4. Disables hostname changes through the GNOME Control Center (Details + Sharing)


      1. The system will not automatically suspend if the blank screen delay is less than the automatic suspend delay. This issue has been reported in multiple bug trackers, including upstream and still has not been completely resolved.
      2. It has still not been confirmed if closing the lid of a laptop triggers suspend/hibernate.

      It would be helpful if someone other than myself confirms that GNOME 3.14 itself and my patchset are working as intended. Additionally, if you have any complaints about the overall GNOME experience and feel it could use some love in certain areas, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

      That said, this issue will serve to help coordinate all things things GNOME 3.14 related.


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