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      Before I contribute the ibus-m17n implementation I decided to write an autogen for the m17n packages it depends on. I autogenned the following packages:

      1. m17n-lib
      2. m17n-db
      3. m17n-contrib

      The reason I am creating this issue now is that I have some things I have to state and discuss before they are merged:

      1. The old versions of the gentoo provided ebuilds should be kept as some packages require them
      2. The latest ebuild we have of m17n-lib is 1.7, and there are different patches between it and gentoo's 1.8 ebuild

      To elaborate on point 2, I added the gentoo patches for 1.8 and kept pre-1.8 ebuilds and patches. In order to use the 2 patch types, I had to rename the new configure patch so that the old and new patches can coexist. The old one retains its old name as to not require changes to the old ebuilds, while the new one is named like this:


      Please do list any opinions on what needs to be changed for the patches if changes are necessary

      Other than that, while I'm here my last question is about where the i18n packages listed in both the initial package list and the proposed package list of the parent issue should be placed, as they are currently under nokit. My opinion is that they should be moved to something like desktop kit but be sure to list your opinions below

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