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next: multilingual tracker for ibus and friends


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    • Right now we are missing some key ibus packages. Ideally we should have a project to maintain this run by people who use it.

      The following packages that I and probably a lot of other people use are currently missing in next release. They are mostly related to ibus, Vulkan and OpenGL

      Ibus packages:

      app-i18n/ibus-libpinyin - The most used ibus engine for Traditional and Simplified chinese latin input
      app-i18n/ibus-m17n - Provides a wide variety of ibus input engines
      app-i18n/ibus-pinyin - Second most used ibus engine for Traditional and Simplified Chinese 
      app-i18n/ibus-anthy - The most used ibus engine for Japanese  
      app-i18n/ibus-rime - Another Chinese ibus input method
      app-i18n/ibus-table - The standard ibus table
      app-i18n/ibus-table-chinese - The standard ibus table for Chinese input
      app-i18n/ibus-table-extraphrase - Provides extra phrases for Chinese
      app-i18n/ibus-handwrite - Provides hand write input recognition to ibus 

      Vulkan and OpenGL packages:

      dev-util/glslang - Provides a lot of tools for compiling GLSL shaders for Vulkan and Modern OpenGL
      dev-util/spirv-headers - Provides C/C++ headers to interact with the low level SPIRV compiler API(SPIRV is the shader cache format for Vulkan and can also be used for modern OpenGL) and is used by many custom Vulkan and OpenGL applications for their custom internal shader compilers
      dev-util/spirv-tools - Provides a bunch of C/C++ headers and tools to interact with the SPIRV compiler API, debug shaders, get shader reflection data and more information that Vulkan and Modern OpenGL applications require for debugging
      dev-util/vulkan-tools - A repository providing tools to interact and debug Vulkan applications including vulkaninfo, vkcube and more
      media-libs/vulkan-layers - Provides core Vulkan layers including validation layers that are used to do low level debugging and profiling of Vulkan applications at API level
      media-libs/vulkan-loader - The client-side vulkan driver library, it loads the Vulkan entry points from the GPU driver, basically making any vulkan application work. It being not included basically breaks a large portion of Vulkan applications as most don't call the driver directly for entry points and use the Vulkan loader to not be affected by ABI breaking changes

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