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app-metrics/blackbox_exporter_bin autogen failing


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      As per the description, the autogen is failing:

      [WARNING 13:56:25] Unable to find /home/drobbins/development/kit-fixups/core-server-kit/curated/profiles/repo_name.
      [INFO 13:56:25] Fetched https://api.github.com/repos/prometheus/blackbox_exporter/releases (cached)
      [ERROR 13:56:25] 'Unable to find suitable GitHub release/tag for app-metrics/blackbox_exporter-bin.'
          Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "/home/drobbins/development/funtoo-metatools/funtoo/pkgtools/autogen.py", line 297, in gen_wrapper
              await generate(AutoHub(autogen_id, pkgtools), **pkginfo)
            File "/home/drobbins/development/kit-fixups/generators/github-1.py", line 22, in generate
              raise KeyError(f"Unable to find suitable GitHub release/tag for {pkginfo['cat']}/{pkginfo['name']}.")
          KeyError: 'Unable to find suitable GitHub release/tag for app-metrics/blackbox_exporter-bin.'

      I've done the analysis on why it's failing and it's indicating that our new github-1 generator may need some new capabilities.

      There is a new upstream release versioned "0.20.0-rc.0" (gross). The automated version extractor of release_gen() will extract the version as "0.20.0". Then we will look for an artifact with that version, which will fail.

      Currently, release_gen() just looks at the most recent release, and does not iterate downwards to previous releases, so it doesn't fall back to the previous version and just fails, unable to find the release.

      Overall, I think that the github-1 generator and associated metatools functions need some additional capabilities, such as:

      1. Customization of the 'auto-version-matcher'.
      2. Ability to iterate downwards to find the first matching release with the desired artifact.
      3. Possibly other things.

      For now I will disable the autogen.yaml so the tree can regen.




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