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Creating Instant Multi-Arch Autogens with GitHub Releases

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    • This impacts a surprising number of autogens... it turns out there are quite a few github releases with pre-built artifacts for a variety of arches. Developers wanting to have an autogen for such a package are currently forced to use a non-YAML autogen.

      Recently I have been tinkering and learning about YAML driven auto-generated ebuilds on Funtoo. Specifically, I have created a new app-metrics/prometheus-bin package for Funtoo users to explore. A nice thing upstream maintainers of Prometheus do is they provide tons of multi-arch pre-compiled packages in their releases. It got me thinking, if autogen YAML supported the ability to define a set multi-arch GitHub release tarballs, one could theoretically create an instant multi-arch autogen ebuild from certain GitHub released software! That would be very fun and neat for rapid releases across different Funtoo architectures. Also, I think it would showcase the great flexibility of the autogen technology.


      Another source of inspiration of this idea: I really want to be able test some of these new Funtoo auto-generated packages instantly on ARM based systems like Raspberry Pi (I actually have some Turing Pi v1 boards that I want to get Funtoo with Prometheus running on).


      I have documented a list of examples of upstream multi-arch GitHub Releases, specifically for compiled languages that have multi-arch assets attached to their releases to show different patterns upstream providers use for their architecture names.

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