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revive flora in next-release


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      I have been tossing around an idea of reviving flora in next-release, by making it the default place where we put new autogens and applications that do not quite fit in the more minimal kits we are trying to create via beard trim. It would kind of be like the new 'nokit' but only contain things we add back.

      This new flora kit could accomplish several things:

      1. Sort of default place to add a new autogen for a cool tool or app you like (like for example several tools added by invakid404)
      2. We can move various things into it that would make our more minimal kits too 'fat'.
      3. It's always possible that stuff that is initially added to flora could be pulled into more specific kits in the future, as it makes sense.

      One obvious thing that could be added to the new flora would be media-sound/mpd and the dependencies that are a bit esoteric (like modplayer support). I will link the issue.


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