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investigate official support of wayland

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      For the longest time, wayland has been available for use but not supported. The specific situation is:

      • None of our stage3's use it.
      • We have a 'wayland' mix-in.
      • It's enabled in KDE by default, but we don't build KDE (see first item)
      • drobbins doesn't use it himself, so not well-tested.
      • We are not really tracking how it works for people.
      • There is no active maintainer of wayland things that is doing testing with our DE's.

      With the addition of the Support Matrix (https://www.funtoo.org/Support_Matrix) I am now trying to move it out of a grey area. I am marking it as officially UNsupported until we start to define some steps to move it into a supported state.

      To get wayland supported, we need to likely support it on a per-DE basis, likely starting with GNOME (possibly KDE if it needs it to build), and we need some general documentation on how to switch between it and Xorg. There may need other things we need to move wayland out of the realm of 'might work' and into the realm of 'we know this works'.

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