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restore portage-2 license default behavior into portage-3

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      portage-2.x used to prompt a user to auto-accept a license when attempting to emerge a package that needed an accepted license. Portage-3 has a new behavior that goes in the extreme other direction. It now just tells you where the license is but doesn't tell you how to proceed further, except to read the emerge man page. This is really a downgrade in user experience. Here's what happens when emerging google-chrome:

      valkyrie /home/drobbins # emerge -av google-chrome
      These are the packages that would be merged, in order:
      Calculating dependencies... done!!!! 
      All ebuilds that could satisfy "google-chrome" have been masked.
      !!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
      - www-client/google-chrome-91.0.4472.77::browser-kit (masked by: google-chrome license(s))
      A copy of the 'google-chrome' license is located at '/var/git/meta-repo/kits/net-kit/licenses/google-chrome'.
      For more information, see the MASKED PACKAGES section in the emerge
      man page or refer to the Gentoo Handbook. 

      In my opinion the older behavior should be restored. It was much friendlier. Possibly with combination of pointing to the license text for review.

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