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corenetwork's bridge-openvswitch should upgrade db schema if needed before starting

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      Currently, bridge-openvswitch starts whatever version of openvswitch is installed.

      Upgrading to (unreleased on the tree) openvswitch 1.11.0 requires a schema update. Such update cannot be done while ovsdb-server is running, so it must be stopped first.

      This is a problem for those whom uses bridge-openvswitch remotely, as they cannot upgrade due they will lost connectivity. Also, I'm guessing ovsdb-server could not start after an upgrade due schema changes.

      The idea is add the following logic before "need" lines on netif_depend():

      local db="/var/lib/openvswitch/conf.db"
      if [ ! -e "${db}" ] ; then
         ovsdb-tool create "${db}" "/usr/share/openvswitch/vswitch.ovsschema" || die "creating database failed"
      if [ $(ovsdb-tool needs-conversion) = "yes" ]; then
         ovsdb-tool convert ${db}

      It also creates the openvswitch database if the user forgot to run "emerge --config openvswitch" after installing, causing it won't start.

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