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create open-source steam iso w/ mesa-aco patches amdgpu specific

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    • We now have steps for easily creating the non-NVIDIA steam launcher.

      ACO Announcement & Explanation


      ACO Merged into Mesa 19.3




      ACO testing instructions


      Source code:
      If you know how to build radv, the testing branch is at the master branch of this repository:




      We're maintaining PPAs for Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 19.04. It's recommended to ppa-purge any other PPAs that include Mesa like oibaf or padoka before testing, and re-add them when testing is complete.

      For example, to start testing on Ubuntu 18.04

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:valve-experimental/mesa-bionic
      sudo apt dist-upgrade

      To revert back to normal Mesa

      sudo ppa-purge ppa:valve-experimental/mesa-bionic

      Testing instructions:

      The testing branch has ACO enabled by default. To confirm proper installation, it should spew this message to the console whenever an app that uses it is started:

      WARNING: Experimental compiler backend enabled. Here be dragons! Incorrect rendering, GPU hangs and/or resets are likely

      If it doesn't seem to be taking, check if the application you're trying to run might be 32-bit and need a 32-bit version of radv.

      ACO can be disabled with the following environment variable:


      We'll be tracking issues on this bug tracker in this early stage:


      The sort of bugs we're looking for:
      Games that don't run at all
      Games that exhibit graphical corruption
      Games that exhibit lower performance

      For all issues, a good list of steps before filing an issue would be:
      If it's a new issue since July 29th, odds are it's related to the newly-introduced vertex shader support. RADV_PERFTEST=llvmvs can disable only vertex shaders for triaging purposes. If it looks vertex shader-specific, be sure to include that information in the bug report.

      Double-check the issue is ACO-specific by setting



      Look through the repository for potential duplicates of the same issue

      Include all relevant details, the title of the game, and complete reproduction steps. For advanced users, a RenderDoc capture of a frame that works with LLVM and is broken with ACO would be ideal to include with bug reports.

      Feel free to share any performance comparisons that aren't regressions in this thread https://github.com/daniel-schuermann/mesa/issues/36 . Any performance regression should be filed as its own issue as per the above.

      Q: What hardware is supported?

      A: GCN 3.0+ only for now, so anything in the Rx 300 series and above should work.

      Q: Is it radv-only or will RadeonSI work?

      A: radv for now, but we intend to look at RadeonSI once things are farther along.

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