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Qt and KDE are in same kit, but have very different release cycles and rev-deps


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      Despite both Qt and KDE having their major version number the same, they are updated on very different schedules which have no particular relation to each-other.

      Qt has a much broader scope of packages of all types depending on it than KDE, which is exclusively desktop oriented.

      As of KDE-5.10, Qt 5.7 or later is required ,as of KDE-5.12, Qt 5.9 or later, and as of KDE-5.13, it needs Qt 5.10 or later



      Version Release Type Release Date
      5.9.0 Release Thu 2017-01-26
      5.10.0 Release Thu 2017-05-25
      5.11.0 Release Thu 2017-10-05
      5.12.0 LTS Release Thu 2018-02-01
      5.13.0 Release Thu 2018-06-07


      Version Release Date Support Until
      5.7 16 June 2016 16.06.2017
      5.8 23 January 2017^^ 23.01.2018
      5.9 LTS 31 May 2017^^ 31.05.2020^^
      5.10  30 November 2017 30.10.2018
      5.11 22 May 2018 2019



      As of KDE-5.10 (2017-05-25), Qt 5.7 (2016-06-16) or later is required (~1yr);  as of KDE-5.12 (2018-02-01), Qt 5.9 (2017-05-31) or later (~8mo); and as of KDE-5.13 (2018-06-07), it needs Qt 5.10 (2017-11-30) or later (~7mo).

      Following this trend, we're likely looking at nearly another year before Qt 5.11 becomes the minimum version, and in the mean time have other non-KDE packages that can't build or don't work properly because we don't provide newer Qt versions until kde requires them.


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