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Improvements and fixes to corenetwork templates


    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.0, 1.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      I Originally experienced some issues with an ipv6 link-local collision, upon investigation I noticed that the bridge template(and other templates) lacked any ipv6 awareness. On further investigation I discovered that the bridge template usurps the MAC Address of the last nic in the list of slaves; now for some nics, like an unused tap, it won't affect anything if nothing is using the tap, but if it is an active nic, then both the nic and the bridge will be assigned an link-local ipv6 address causing network failures.

      The solution to this was to add a little more logic to the bridge template, specifically adding variables for manual MAC addresses($mac_addr), and ipv6 addresses($ipaddr6) and finally a method to specify an ipv6 gateway($gateway6)

      ipv6 gateway functions were not tested, due to a lack of ipv6, but the address assignment works correctly, as does the MAC override.

      sysctl calls updated to include ipv6 forwarding as well.

      Once bug is closed I will update the wiki with the new information. This update is a drop in replacement, requiring no edits to existing existing bridge configurations unless they desire to enable these new features.


        1. bond-iproute2
          1 kB
        2. bridge-dhcpcd-iproute2
          2 kB
        3. bridge-iproute2
          2 kB
        4. bridge-openvswitch-iproute2
          2 kB
        5. bridge-vde
          4 kB
        6. conf.d-vde-bridge
          0.1 kB
        7. interface-iproute2
          2 kB
        8. interface-noip
          0.1 kB
        9. netif.tmpl-iproute2
          7 kB
        10. tap-iproute2
          0.7 kB
        11. tap-iproute2-testisgood
          0.6 kB
        12. tap-iproute2-testnogood
          0.6 kB
        13. vde-slirp
          5 kB

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