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Autogen the entire set of Adobe SourcePro and Google Noto fonts.

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    • This would improve multilingual user experience, as they will be able to have a consistent set of fonts even if they work with multiple languages all at once.

      Linux distributions usually include a lot of ”historical” fonts, many of them really bad ones, which aren't even required by any application.  If the user were to choose from the traditional set of fonts, it will be hard to combine, for example, a good Latin font with a good Japanese font.

      Fortunately now we have these 2 high quality families of fonts that support not only multiple languages, including not only Latin and and CJK, but also Cyrilic, Tai, Bangla and other scripts, as well as math, emojis, etc.

      It would be nice if the user could chose one of these families of fonts and have the whole package with support for everything. Aso, as each of these families are hosted entirely in their same respective repositories, it will be possible to autogen the entire family with a single autogen.yaml and maybe more than one template.

      One problem that I have identified with these fonts is that the downloads can be over 1 Gb for some CJK fonts, as upstream has packaged Chinese, Japanese and Korean, all together in the same asset.  So we might have to discuss how to deal with that.

      I also propose a discussion about which fonts can be "trimmed out" of the tree, so we don't have to support those that nobody uses anymore.



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