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Allow YAML autogens to fetch a commit from a github repo

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    • Autogens for github projects that don't have proper tags or releases require a .py autogen which complicates things. Would be useful to be able to point to a commit.

      As of this discord conversation, it was found out that metatools doesn't have functionality for fetching a commit from github: https://discord.com/channels/629035601613684748/698600499280347166/1010987512036069497

      Here is a proposed way the yaml could look like:

        generator: github-1
          - pkgname:
                user: pkgnamedev
                repo: pkgnamerepo
                query: commit
                branch: master

      Additionally a good idea would be to be able to filter commit messages as sometimes I have seen developers that commit with a certain naming convention to label broken and working commits.

      Package versions can be named using the date the commit was made on.

      As of right now I know of 2 packages(because I contributed them) that use a full autogen to do this sort of stuff, rtl8812au and rtl8192eu so they can be used as an example implementation

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