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Removal of references to -- and deprecation of -- fastpull-us.funtoo.org


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    • This can potentially impact all Funtoo users if not done correctly, although fastpull-us already has its share of issues. This appears to be a fairly safe set of changes.


      As part of the effort to move to direct.funtoo.org, we should also "clean up" fastpull-us.funtoo.org. This means deprecating its use and shutting it down.

      core-kit/profiles/thirdpartymirrors references fastpull-us as a gentoo mirror. This should likely be replaced with direct.funtoo.org.

      There are also a handful of ebuilds that reference a URL on fastpull-us.funtoo.org. These can't be moved over to direct.funtoo.org as-is because direct.funtoo.org uses hashes, not filenames. So we may need to migrate any of these sources over to build.funtoo.org/distfiles/ and use build.funtoo.org/distfiles/ as a place to mirror "named" official tarballs (as we did for noto-gen).

      I think this is all we need to do to officially let go of fastpull-us. Some time after we do this, at some point we can shut down fastpull-us services.

      Users who are late to the party will still be able to install the new Portage as the following will both continue to work with fastpull-us shutdown:

      1. ego sync (to grab updated Portage – doesn't use fastpull-us)
      2. emerge portage (doesn't rely on fastpull-us for any required distfiles.)





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